Welcome to Scott's Place

So... much of my website is going to look like hell for a while. On June 30th of 2017 The University of Minnesota's Office of Information Technology will be terminating its hosting of Personal Web Space (PWS). I like "Neocities," and I am in the process of migrating from umn.edu to neocities.org. But for those of us who refuse to use an HTML editor, any typo makes a page do anything from look out of sorts to being totally non-functional. Good reason to make my web space cleaner, and up to date. My website beyond this home page is in "Frames" due to my limited skill with Javascript, so your web browser will need to be frames compatible to properly render the rest of my website.

As for the limited Javascript, I have tried to make all pictures with links change via mouse cursor, either in color, or alternate images. Clicking on images that change color "should" take you to their respective areas. I have replaced my portrait with a picture of my favoritest chocolate bar (right). For now clicking on the image will take you to my most recent update to my website.


Click on my favicon to the left if you want to see examples of my bicycle artisanship, and of course, the machines.


Click on the excerpt from my cascading style sheet to the left to see some of what I have learned about HTML.


There are also gold and maroon buttons linking to important information such as terminology disclaimers and contributions to my learning.


This is a relatively new area, and it's a somewhat small section right now. But I will be adding more to it as I re-photograph my favorite tools, including custom tools.