East and West Views

With Mid-Racer Seat

The Lightening Cycle Dynamics P-38 is not the fastest bike that Lightning has made. It is, however, the fastest bike I've ever owned. This P-38 is rigged for steep hills. I wear sun protective clothing, not clothing for competitive cycling. And yet, I have managed to get it over 30 miles per hour (no wind / no hill).

Professional athletes with aerodynamic clothing can make these things go much faster.

Cable Housing Management

Below are enhancements I installed to give my P-38 some conveniences. Click on a picture to go to a descriptive page. A new tab or window should open in each case, and you can close each page by clicking on the "CLOSE" button.

Out Front

Click on a picture below to see more detail of fixtures I put on the front of the P-38's steering post. By the way - the pedels are out front.

What the heck is "WeirdBike?"

I'm so happy to have an email address that has no numbers or special characters. When choosing an email username at "Yahoo.com" I tried a bunch of them, because, I didn't want anything but letters in my user name... all rejected by Yahoo.

I was ready to give up and put some cosmic number in my name when got a little help from a small child in rural Bagley Minnesota. I took a trip to Bagley and back from my parents house. On the way back, a little girl playing in her front yard spotted me and yelled "...hey Mr., you have a weird bike...".

So, I owe my unique Yahoo username in part to a brat from rural Bagley.